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About Us

Hey friend! We are Ariel & Zack, the minds behind SOFA KING DOPE. Zack handles logistics and most of the behind the scenes work while I focus on website design and the social media accounts. So if you've spoken with @sofakingbrands via IG, it was me you were talking to. Although we have different skill sets, let's be honest, we consult each other on everything and collab on all design work. We make a pretty great team, so the best ideas come when we're just hanging out bouncing ideas off of each other.  For us, this brand is an avenue to spread positivity and share what we love with you all while raising awareness to some of the many issues we face on this planet. We design capsule collections and pair them up with charities so that you can have a fresh tee that not only feels amazing, but DOES amazing. We're blessed to have this opportunity to hopefully create something you love and believe in. We're constantly looking for ways to improve, so feel free to send us any suggestions or pose a question to

Pictured on Ariel • PROUD black lion tee in small + trucker snapback with lion embroidery

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