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What Is Sofa King Dope?

April 03, 2017

What Is Sofa King Dope?

Sofa King Dope is a clothing and lifestyle brand centered around consciousness, compassion, and cleverness. We aim to create a comfortable piece of clothing that will set you apart, all while allowing you to be confident in the movement or reputable charity that’s behind it. Through our apparel campaigns and social channels, our intent is to simply do our part to support and spread awareness about matters of meaning, sometimes through humor, but always with truth.

We stay close to home, with all of our shirts being printed here in the U.S. using eco-friendly practices. Our primary supplier creates an incredibly soft product out of Los Angeles, with all of their facilities receiving accreditation for the highest health and safety standards. Your super soft garment is then printed with the expression of your choice by our production team in New York City, who also shares our values of a humane and safe workplace.

We encourage people to pursue their dreams with passion and be awesome individuals who look out for one another, and to stay true to themselves and the rest of the world no matter what life throws at them. By supporting us, you get to support this mentality, one that we believe to be sofa king dope.

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