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The Birth of a Brand

May 10, 2017

The Birth of a Brand

I laughed when I first saw it written and said it out loud. And I’m not sure when it clicked, but when it did I was hooked. “That’s so fucking dope!” You hear it all the time, in the most casual of settings of course (like complimenting someone’s ink or reacting to a random act of kindness). So we started grinding on the foundation for fruition and an apparel brand was born. None of us knew it could become a platform for something more.

As the dream was developed and the team was built, variations of the same play on words that gave life to “sofa king dope” were at the forefront of many brainstorming sessions. Coming up with these sayings, these creative expressions, became a lively and engaging topic. Some of the expressions were interesting because of the demographic it would appeal to; some were just straight up funny. Our favorite 3 would go on to become the core of the brand (DOPE, HI, BOSS).

Sofa King Brands is based around the idea that if you’re passionate enough about something, you don’t mind dropping a subtle F-bomb about it. And a light went on in all of us when we realized how many of these expressions could get behind a movement, support a cause, raise awareness to a critical issue, help people in need, and encourage our customers to be more than just a customer. By launching a campaign around an expression, we could create an avenue for like-minded souls who share our values as a brand to be an engaged contributor and an educated ally.

So the vision became a mission; the vehicle with which our brand could be a force for good was set in motion. We only hope this can encourage fellow world warriors to be motivated free thinkers, and participate in the movement that is SOFA KING DOPE.

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