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Sofa King Proud + Human Rights Campaign

June 01, 2017

Sofa King Proud + Human Rights Campaign

“Pride” is a word rooted with such a sense of achievement and satisfaction. It is also often associated with conflict. When politics and legislation is involved, “pride” becomes a rallying cry, a bonding mechanism by an oppressed group. To be proud of who you are and what you believe is right is such a powerful emotion that it can make monumental change when used as a tool for enlightenment and cohesion. We, at Sofa King Dope, are pleased to introduce our Feathered Rainbow UniTee featuring the Sofa King Proud expression. Wear it with confidence and comfort, knowing that 20% of sales go to our charity partner, the Human Rights Campaign.

While pride can be both a strength and a flaw, we are intent on using this platform responsibly and to do our part to share useful information, such as relevant news & legislation and thought-provoking stories. We also want to do our part to support what we believe is right, which is fair and equal rights for all of our LGBTQ neighbors. We have a lot to be proud of. This month, in particular, we are especially proud of any and all who take action to fight for fairness and equality, a stance that we truly believe to be sofa king dope.

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