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Sofa King Dope + Rozalia Project

August 23, 2017

Sofa King Dope + Rozalia Project

The era of convenience and synthetic everything has truly taken a toll on our ecosystem. Some consequences we already know about and are actively looking to change, like plastic pollution and recycling. But some things are just recently being discovered, observed, and solved. Think plastic pollution on a micro scale. Studies, like this one, show the devastating amount of synthetic microfibers floating around undetected in our waterways. Here's what happens: when we wash our favorite polyester shirt and leggings the synthetic microfibers that are released from our clothing into the water are too small to be caught in a traditional filter, so they flow out with the water. 40% of those synthetic microfibers make their way to lakes and rivers, are consumed by the fish living in that ecosystem, and thus becomes part of the food chain, water included. Though there isn't much evidence that these synthetic fibers are harmful to humans yet, we're not willing to sit idly by until there is.

There are two companies currently working to actively lessen the amount of synthetic microfibers that make their way into our ecosystems, and we've linked our DOPE collection to one of them for the months of August (National Water Quality Month) and September. Rozalia Project, with the goal of a clean, thriving ocean in mind, has designed a microfiber-catching laundry ball to combat the ongoing pollution of synthetic microfibers. While they encourage small, daily acts like picking up trash on your morning/afternoon walk, they also participate in large ocean and beach clean ups. 10% of sales from this collection will be donated to Rozalia Project. Meanwhile, we'll be looking for other tees and tanks to print your favorite designs on. The solution starts with us. Day in, and day out, change must happen at the source. We are the consumers of convenience.


Langbrett is the other company fighting synthetic microfiber pollution. Their solution? The Guppy Friend.

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