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Sofa King Clean + charity: water

August 09, 2017

Sofa King Clean + charity: water

Imagine wake up tomorrow morning. You're groggy, maybe from not sleeping well. You head over to your bathroom sink, hoping a splash of cold water will help you wake up. You turn the knob, but nothing comes out. Frustrated, you know you paid the water bill, you try the shower. Nothing. You go to the kitchen, where the faucet is also bare. You go outside and try the hose, and see other neighbors doing the same. Confused, you turn on the news. Surely they're reporting on this, you need answers. When am I going to get my running water back? The news is reporting, but the words coming from the screen are not what you want to hear.
The plumbing system throughout the city is out of commission. Luckily, the city is dropping off large canteens to affected residents. What the hell do they want me to do with a canteen? The news reporter tells you where the nearest watering hole is and warns you to boil the water before consuming. This is how you'll be getting your water from now on, until the system is back up and running of course. Furious, you grab your canteen and head out the door. You notice the rest of your also furious neighbors are headed in the same direction. The possibility of not getting enough water for you and your family worries you, so you run ahead of the crowd. Your neighbors notice, and they start running too. You all race to the watering hole, only to find it already crowded with people filling up their own canteens. You wait, and wait, for hours, until it's finally your turn and you can see, and smell, the water. It smells like sewage. Horrified, you curse and refuse to conform to these ridiculous standards. There has to be another way! Your neighbors aren't so proud, as they push past you and fill up their canteens. You realize there is no other way, not that you can help at least, so you succumb and fill your canteen up with the putrid water.
You make the short but tiresome trek back home and tell your family about your day. They're appalled, and worried, how will we carry on? After the water is boiled, your family has eaten, and you have all showered, you realize there's no more water left. The canteen is only enough for one day of use for your family of 4. You realize someone will have to fetch water every morning. You can't do it, you have to go to work. Your spouse can't do it, they have to care for the youngest child. Your eldest is the only option. The watering hole is far, and they'll have to wait for hours, so by the time they come back the day is nearly over. Your 12 year old daughter will quit school so that she can go to the watering hole and collect filthy water in a canteen for the household every day. It sounds ridiculous doesn't it? It sounds unnecessary. It sounds cruel and unusual.
This is not fiction. This is a softened version of what goes on in the daily lives of so many families in rural parts of the world. Why are there still so many places on Earth lacking this commodity? Clean water is a vital necessity for living. Several people have devoted their lives to transforming the lives of others and charity: water is one of them. They use 100% of your donation to build clean water wells in rural villages, directly solving many problems and creating more opportunities for the people who live there. With August being National Water Quality Month, there was no better time to dedicate an eco-friendly collection to bringing clean water to people in need. Our CLEAN collection features some brand new designs printed with water-based ink onto hemp and cotton tees + 20% of every sale is donated to charity: water. 

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